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  • • Stainless steel construction
  • • No delicate electronic components to short out
  • • Unbreakable carbide for touch off
  • • The only assembled in the USA, patented product on the market
  • • CNC Tool Setter
  • • CNC Tool Probe
  • • CNC Parts
For CNC Machines with Square Mounting Flange
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CNC Touch Sensor

CNC Touch Sensor

CNC Touch Sensor Technology

At Tool Eye, Inc, we’re passionate about advancing CNC technology, and a key component of this is the CNC touch sensor technology. This innovative feature enhances precision, efficiency, and versatility in CNC machining operations. Our products, including the esteemed LS-05 and SL-04 models, incorporate this technology to serve various machining needs effectively.

Benefits of CNC Touch Sensors

The implementation of CNC touch sensors in machining processes brings numerous benefits. They significantly reduce setup time, improve dimensional accuracy, and minimize manual measurement errors. As a result, production becomes more efficient, leading to a decrease in waste and an increase in profitability.

Applications of CNC Touch Sensors

Varied Industry Use: CNC touch sensors are utilized across a wide range of industries, from automotive to aerospace, facilitating complex and precise machining tasks.

Tool Length Measurement: They play a crucial role in accurately measuring tool length, ensuring the machining process is precise and consistent.

Workpiece Positioning: CNC touch sensors are essential for determining the exact position of a workpiece on the machine bed, crucial for precision machining.

How CNC Touch Sensors Work

CNC touch sensors, including our Tool Eyes, function by making contact with the workpiece or tool and sending electrical signals to the machine control. These signals are then processed to establish precise coordinates, which are crucial for accurate machining operations.

Calibration of CNC Touch Sensors

Calibration is a critical aspect of ensuring the accuracy of CNC touch sensors. At Tool Eye, Inc, we recommend a regular calibration schedule, which involves verifying the sensor’s accuracy against known standards and making adjustments as necessary. This ensures that our products maintain their renowned precision over time.

Integration of CNC Touch Sensors into CNC Machines

Integrating CNC touch sensors into machines, be it newer models like the LS-05 or older variants such as the SL-04, is a straightforward process. Our sensors are designed to be easily installable, providing immediate improvements in accuracy and efficiency.

Advantages of Using CNC Touch Sensors

  • Enhanced Accuracy: They eliminate human error in measurements, leading to consistently precise machining.
  • Increased Productivity: By reducing setup times, production cycles are faster, boosting overall output.
  • Cost Efficiency: Improved accuracy and efficiency result in less waste and more cost-effective operations.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with CNC Touch Sensors

Even with the best equipment, issues can arise. Common problems include signal interference, misalignment, and wear. At Tool Eye, Inc, we offer comprehensive troubleshooting guides and support to address these issues swiftly, minimizing downtime.

Comparison of Different Types of CNC Touch Sensors

There are various types of CNC touch sensors on the market, but what sets Tool Eye products apart is their robust construction, reliability, and our patented technology. Unlike competitors, our sensors, made from stainless steel with unbreakable carbide touch-off points, are designed for longevity and are rebuildable, providing unmatched value over time.

In conclusion, the integration of CNC touch sensor technology is a game-changer in the machining industry. At Tool Eye, Inc, our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives us to offer the best CNC touch sensors in the market. With our products, businesses can expect not just precision and efficiency but also a partnership dedicated to their machining success.

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