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Rebuildable CNC Machine Tool
Presetter / setter

  • • Stainless steel construction
  • • No delicate electronic components to short out
  • • Unbreakable carbide for touch off
  • • The only assembled in the USA, patented product on the market
  • • CNC Tool Setter
  • • CNC Tool Probe
  • • CNC Parts
For CNC Machines with Square Mounting Flange
For CNC Machines with Round Mounting Flange

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CNC Parts

CNC Parts

CNC Machine Parts

At Tool Eye, Inc, our extensive experience with CNC machines has given us profound insights into the vital components that ensure their optimal operation. CNC parts are integral to the functionality and precision of CNC machines, which are utilized extensively in modern manufacturing.

Types of CNC Parts

CNC machines employ a myriad of parts, each serving a specific purpose to ensure the machine operates with the desired precision and efficiency. These range from structural components to those that directly interact with the material being processed.

CNC Spare Parts

Spare parts are essential for minimizing downtime, allowing for prompt replacement and repairs. This encompasses everything from screws to larger mechanical components.

CNC Milling Machine Parts

Milling machines require precise components to accurately cut and shape materials. This includes spindles, motors, and tool changers.

CNC Lathe Parts

Lathes rely on components like chucks and tailstocks to hold and rotate materials for machining, necessitating robust and reliable parts.

CNC Router Parts

Routers utilize parts such as spindle motors and linear guides, crucial for detailed carving and cutting operations.

CNC Plasma Cutter Parts

Plasma cutters depend on consumable parts like electrodes and nozzles, along with mechanical components to control the cutting torch’s movement.

CNC Machining Center Parts

The CNC machining center is a critical element in the manufacturing process, requiring a multitude of precision parts for operational efficacy, including tool magazines and automatic pallet changers.

CNC Controller Parts

The controller is the brain of the CNC machine, with parts like circuit boards and input devices being essential for precise machining instructions and operations.

CNC Components and Tooling

  • CNC Components: From bearings to linear guides, these are the building blocks of a CNC machine, ensuring its structural integrity and motion precision.
  • CNC Tooling: This includes the variety of tools used in the machining process, such as drill bits, end mills, and inserts, which are crucial for the machine’s cutting capabilities.
  • CNC Accessories: Accessories enhance the machine’s capabilities or facilitate certain functions, including coolants, workholding devices, and sensors.

Precision and Custom CNC Parts

We understand the necessity for parts that not only meet the standard specifications but also cater to unique requirements. This is why we offer both precision CNC parts for high-accuracy applications and custom CNC parts tailored to specific customer needs.

Materials for CNC Parts

CNC parts can be made from a variety of materials, each selected based on the requirements of the part’s function and the machine’s application. This includes metals like aluminum, steel, brass, and titanium, as well as plastics for certain components that require specific properties such as lightweight or corrosion resistance.

Ensuring Quality and Affordability

Our commitment at Tool Eye, Inc is to provide CNC parts that not only embody the highest standards of quality but are also affordable and reliable. We achieve this by leveraging our extensive experience, minimal overhead costs, and a dedication to sourcing the best materials available.

CNC Parts Manufacturer and Supplier

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we pride ourselves on our ability to supply a comprehensive range of CNC parts, from the essential to the specialized. Our expertise enables us to serve a diverse clientele, ensuring their CNC machines operate at peak efficiency.


At Tool Eye, Inc, our focus on quality, affordability, and customer service has established us as a trusted partner in the CNC manufacturing sector. By understanding the critical role that each CNC part plays, we strive to offer solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring their manufacturing processes are efficient, precise, and productive. Whether you require replacement parts, custom components, or advice on CNC machine maintenance, our team is here to assist seven days a week.

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