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Rebuildable CNC Machine Tool
Presetter / setter

  • • Stainless steel construction
  • • No delicate electronic components to short out
  • • Unbreakable carbide for touch off
  • • The only assembled in the USA, patented product on the market
  • • CNC Tool Setter
  • • CNC Tool Probe
  • • CNC Parts
For CNC Machines with Square Mounting Flange
For CNC Machines with Round Mounting Flange

Precision Engineering: Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master’s Mastery in Mazak-Compatible CNC Technology


Mazak Integration Excellence: Tool Eye Inc.’s Touch Masters in CNC Technology

Welcome to Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, your destination for advanced CNC machining innovation. 

Our meticulously engineered range of CNC Tool Eyes is tailored for compatibility with Mazak systems, bringing enhanced precision, reliability, and adaptability to your machining operations.

Step into the future of CNC technology with our solutions, designed to perfectly integrate and uplift your existing Mazak setups.

Advanced Precision with Touch Master Tool Eyes: Surpassing Mazak’s Standards

Defining Accuracy in CNC Machining

In the realm of CNC machining, where precision is not just a feature but the backbone of success, Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master redefines accuracy with our range of CNC Tool Eyes.

 These tools are more than just products; they are commitments to precision, delivering unparalleled levels of accuracy and performance that meet and surpass Mazak’s standards.

Raising the Bar in CNC Tool Precision 

Our CNC Tool Eyes are meticulously crafted to not only align with but also exceed the precision benchmarks of Mazak-compatible devices.

 They represent the forefront of technological advancement in CNC machining, offering micron-level precision. 

This is crucial for minimizing operational errors and maximizing efficiency in environments using Mazak machinery.

Consistent Accuracy in Every Measurement 

The standout feature of our CNC Tool Eyes is their unwavering accuracy. Designed to provide repeatability with specifications as precise as 1μm, they ensure absolute consistency in every measurement.

In industries where even minor discrepancies can lead to significant issues, the reliability of our tools is not just advantageous but essential for Mazak-compatible CNC machining operations.

Enhancing CNC Efficiency with Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Revolutionizing Productivity in Modern Machining 

In today’s fast-paced industrial landscape, reaching the pinnacle of productivity is essential. Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master is at the forefront of this revolution with our advanced CNC Tool Eye solutions, compatible with Mazak systems. 

These tools are designed to transform the machining process, incorporating automated tool measurement to significantly boost operational efficiency.

Minimizing Manual Processes, Maximizing Output 

Our state-of-the-art technology drastically reduces the need for manual setup in machining operations.

By potentially cutting down setup times by up to 90%, the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye not only elevates productivity but also empowers machinists to focus on more complex and critical tasks in the production process.

Striking the Perfect Balance Between Speed and Precision 

The true genius of the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye lies in its ability to enhance production speeds while upholding the highest levels of accuracy. 

This synergy is crucial in contemporary industry settings, where both rapid production and meticulous precision are vital. 

The Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is more than just a tool; it’s an essential component in any CNC setup, particularly for those utilizing Mazak equipment, ensuring that both productivity and precision are not only met but exceeded.

Versatile Excellence of Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Adaptability in Modern CNC Machining 

At Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, we take pride in the unparalleled adaptability of our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Engineered to break through the limitations of specific CNC machine types and applications, this tool is a shining example of versatile functionality in the dynamic world of CNC machining.

A Universal Solution for Various Machining Needs 

The Touch Master CNC Tool Eye excels in a wide range of settings, from compact milling machines to large-scale machining centers.

It’s not just limited to conventional CNC machinery; its versatility extends to advanced robotic systems and complex semiconductor manufacturing equipment, showcasing its capability to deliver consistent precision and reliability across diverse platforms.

Optimized for Mazak and Beyond 

While perfectly compatible with Mazak systems, the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye’s flexibility makes it an ideal choice for a variety of machining environments.

 Its design caters to the needs of intricate and demanding machining tasks, offering a multifaceted solution to modern industry challenges.

Durability and Precision: Core Features of Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Engineered for Superior Resilience in CNC Environments

At Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, we recognize the crucial need for equipment resilience in demanding CNC machining conditions. Our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is expertly designed to excel in these challenging environments.

It boasts a robust IP67 protection rating, indicating its exceptional ability to resist the harsh elements typical in CNC machining, such as coolants, metal chips, and abrasive materials.

Ensuring Long-Term Reliability in Mazak Systems

The construction of the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is focused not just on enduring tough conditions, but also on maintaining consistent operational reliability. 

This durability significantly lowers the need for frequent replacements and maintenance, offering Mazak machine operators a dependable, long-term machining solution.

Accurate and Reliable Detection for Mazak Compatibility

Differentiating from common non-contact sensors, our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye utilizes a touch sensor method that excels in both accuracy and consistency. 

This approach is particularly effective against common issues like coolant interference, ensuring precise and error-free readings. 

The reliable and stable detection capabilities of our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye make it an ideal match for Mazak systems, ensuring smooth operations with minimal disruptions and maximum accuracy.

Customized Excellence with Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Adaptability for Every CNC Challenge

At Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, we embrace the diversity inherent in CNC machining. This understanding drives our approach to the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye, a tool not confined to standard applications but designed for broad adaptability. 

Our commitment to customization mirrors our deep understanding of the varied and specific demands present in precision CNC machining.

Personalization for Optimal Machining Efficiency

We cater to the unique needs of each machining operation by offering a wide range of customization options for the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye. 

This flexibility allows clients to choose from various contact surface sizes and measurement directions, tailoring the tool to their specific requirements. 

Additionally, we offer detachable contact surfaces as a cost-effective option, ensuring high performance without unnecessary expenses.

Beyond a Sensor: A Tailor-Made CNC Machining Partner

The Touch Master CNC Tool Eye from Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master is more than a mere sensor; it’s a comprehensive solution crafted for the complexities of modern CNC machining. 

With a keen focus on customization, we ensure that each tool not only meets but exceeds the diverse needs of precision machining, especially for those using Mazak systems. 

Our dedication lies in delivering tools that elevate precision, productivity, and versatility to new heights.

Analysis of Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master’s SL04 and LS05 Series

SL04 CNC Machine Tool Presetter/Setter: Tailored for Precision

The SL04 series from Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master revolutionizes precision tool setting in CNC machining. This series is an ideal match for machines featuring round mounting flanges, catering seamlessly to brands like Mazak and others in the industry.

Key Features and Unique Benefits:

  • Resilient Build: Constructed from high-grade stainless steel, the SL04 is designed to withstand the rigorous environments of CNC machining.
  • Cutting-Edge Carbide Touch-Off: Utilizing carbide for touch-off, the SL04 exceeds conventional materials in terms of both durability and reliability.
  • Focused on Accuracy: Every aspect of the SL04 is engineered to achieve precision, making it indispensable for precision-oriented machining.

Technical Specifications of the SL04:

  • Construction: Premium Stainless Steel
  • Precision: Engineered to maintain strict tolerances and ensure high repeatability.
  • Compatibility: Ideally suited for machines with round mounting flanges.

LS05 CNC Machine Tool Presetter/Setter: Durability Meets Versatility

Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master’s LS05 series responds to the need for robust and versatile tool setting. 

Excellently compatible with Mazak machines and other systems requiring a square mounting flange, it stands as an optimal replacement for conventional models.

Primary Features and Advantages:

  • Strong Construction: The LS05 is built with durable stainless steel, ensuring it can endure challenging industrial conditions.
  • Enhanced Performance with Carbide Touch-Off: Featuring carbide touch-off points, the LS05 marks a significant improvement in both longevity and consistent performance.
  • Adaptable for Various Needs: The LS05 offers customization in contact-surface diameters and detachable contacts, allowing it to meet diverse machining requirements.

Technical Specifications of the LS05:

  • Material: Robust Stainless Steel
  • Repeatability: Precision level of 1μm for consistent and accurate measurements.
  • Environmental Durability: Boasting an IP67 rating, the LS05 is adept at resisting common environmental challenges in machining centers.

Excellence in CNC Machining with Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Accessible High-End Precision for Diverse Workshops 

At Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, we redefine cost-effective precision in CNC tool setting with our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye. 

Our pricing strategy is designed to align with the high-quality standards of Mazak-compatible devices while ensuring top performance and quality, democratizing access to high-precision tool settings for all.

Tailoring to Specific Machining Requirements 

We recognize the varied and unique needs across CNC machining operations. That’s why at Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, we offer extensive customization for our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye. 

Whether it’s for systems compatible with Mazak or other specific requirements, our approach guarantees a perfectly fitting tool eye for every customer’s unique demands.

Advancing CNC Machining Partnerships 

Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master goes beyond being a mere supplier; we view ourselves as your partner in the journey to CNC machining excellence. 

We invite you to connect with us and discover how our state-of-the-art solutions can transform and elevate your CNC machining processes.


Are Tool Eye Inc. products compatible with all Mazak CNC machines?


What are the advantages of using our Mazak-compatible CNC technologies?

Our units are rebuildable, made of stainless steel instead of pot metal. Carbide touch pads instead of ceramic. Assembled and repaired in the US, faster turn around times. In stock, can be delivered as soon as the next day in the US.

Can Mazak-compatible CNC technology be integrated with existing Mazak machines?

Most Mazak machines already use a tool eye, there isn’t really “Mazak-compatible CNC tech

How does using our Mazak-compatible CNC technology contribute to increased efficiency and productivity?

Less down time due to backordered replacement parts. Can have a new unit the next business day in the US.

What support and resources are available for users of our Mazak-compatible CNC technology?

We answer the phone to provide support, emails and texts are answered in an hour or less

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