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Rebuildable CNC Machine Tool
Presetter / setter

  • • Stainless steel construction
  • • No delicate electronic components to short out
  • • Unbreakable carbide for touch off
  • • The only assembled in the USA, patented product on the market
  • • CNC Tool Setter
  • • CNC Tool Probe
  • • CNC Parts
For CNC Machines with Square Mounting Flange
For CNC Machines with Round Mounting Flange

Precision Redefined: Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master’s Excellence in Omron Compatible CNC Technology


Benefits and Features of Tool Eye Inc’s Omron-Compatible CNC Technology

Welcome to Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, where we redefine the standards of CNC machining. 

Our range of CNC Tool Eyes is expertly crafted to be compatible with Omron Tool Eye systems, offering you enhanced precision, reliability, and versatility in your machining processes.

Embrace the future of CNC technology with solutions that seamlessly integrate and elevate your existing setups.

Precision Engineering with Touch Master CNC Tool Eye: A Step Above Omron

Redefining Accuracy in CNC Machining

In the highly exacting field of CNC machining, accuracy isn’t just a feature; it’s the foundation of every successful operation. 

This is where Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master sets a new industry standard with the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye. 

Our tool is not merely a product; it’s a precision promise, synonymous with the highest levels of accuracy and consistent performance.

Surpassing Industry Standards for Precision

Crafted to align with and exceed the precision benchmarks of Omron-compatible devices, the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is at the forefront of technological advancement in CNC machining. 

It offers micron-level precision, a pivotal attribute in minimizing operational errors and maximizing efficiency.

Consistency in Every Measurement

The hallmark of the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye lies in its unwavering accuracy. With an impressive repeatability specification of 1μm, it ensures absolute consistency in every measurement. 

In industries where even minor deviations can have substantial implications, the reliability offered by our tool is not just beneficial but essential.

Maximizing Machining Efficiency with Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Revolutionizing Industrial Productivity

In the dynamic world of modern industrial operations, achieving peak productivity is crucial.

Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master introduces a groundbreaking solution with our Omron-compatible Touch Master CNC Tool Eye. 

This advanced tool revolutionizes the machining process by integrating automated tool measurement, a critical step in enhancing operational efficiency.

Dramatically Reducing Manual Intervention

Our innovative technology significantly diminishes the need for manual setup, potentially cutting down setup time by up to 90%. 

This remarkable reduction in manual labor not only boosts overall productivity but also allows machinists to allocate their skills to more complex and demanding aspects of the production process.

Balancing Speed with Precision

The brilliance of the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye lies in its ability to accelerate production without compromising on accuracy. 

It exemplifies how heightened efficiency can coexist with maintaining high precision in every machining task. 

This balance is particularly crucial in today’s industries, where accuracy and speed are both paramount.

The Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is more than a tool; it’s a transformative asset for any CNC setup, especially those using Omron systems, ensuring that productivity and precision are not just achieved but optimized.

Broad-Spectrum Utility of Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Adaptable Across Diverse CNC Platforms

Our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye stands as a testament to adaptability in the ever-evolving world of CNC machining. 

This tool is ingeniously designed to transcend the confines of specific machine types or singular applications, showcasing its universal applicability.

A Multifaceted Tool for Varied Machinery

From compact milling machines to expansive machining centers, the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is adept at delivering consistent precision and reliability. 

Its compatibility extends beyond typical CNC machines to encompass a broad array of equipment, including sophisticated robotic systems and intricate semiconductor manufacturing apparatus.

Resilience and Consistency: The Hallmarks of Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Engineered for Endurance in Challenging Conditions

At Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, we understand that the resilience of industrial equipment is paramount.

That’s why our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is meticulously designed to thrive in the most demanding machining environments. 

Built to endure, it boasts an impressive IP67 protection rating, signifying its capability to withstand the rigors of exposure to coolants, metal chips, and other abrasive materials common in CNC machining.

Long-Term Operational Stability

The robust construction of our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is not just about withstanding environmental challenges; it’s also about ensuring sustained operational reliability. 

This enduring resilience significantly diminishes the frequency of replacements and maintenance, providing a long-lasting solution that CNC operators can depend on.

Precision Detection, Minimized False Reading

In contrast to the limitations often found in non-contact sensors, the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye employs a touch sensor method that excels in accuracy and consistency. 

This approach effectively counters the typical challenges of coolant splatter or mist, which can lead to erroneous readings. 

By offering stable and dependable detection, the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye ensures that CNC machining operations proceed with minimal interruption and maximum accuracy, perfectly complementing systems like those of Omron.

Tailored Precision: Customizing Your Touch Master CNC Tool Eye

Adaptable to Every Machining Need 

At Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master, we recognize the diversity of CNC machining needs. That’s why our Touch Master CNC Tool Eye is not a one-size-fits-all solution but a versatile tool designed to adapt to various unique requirements. 

Our commitment to customization reflects our understanding of the unique challenges and demands of precision machining.

Personalized for Peak Performance 

To cater to the specific demands of different machining operations, we offer an extensive array of customization options for the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye. 

Clients have the freedom to select from a variety of contact surface sizes and measurement directions. 

Additionally, we provide options for detachable contact surfaces, a feature designed to enhance cost-effectiveness while maintaining high performance.

More Than a Sensor: A Comprehensive Machining Solution 

The Touch Master CNC Tool Eye by Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master stands out as more than just a tool sensor. 

It is a comprehensive solution designed to meet and exceed the diverse and specific needs of modern precision machining. 

Our focus on customization underscores our dedication to providing tools that not only meet but surpass expectations in precision, productivity, and versatility.

Comprehensive Overview of Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master’s SL04 and LS05 Series

SL04 CNC Machine Tool Presetter/Setter: Customized for Excellence

Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master’s SL04 series redefines precision tool setting for CNC machines. This series is ideally suited for machines with round mounting flanges, catering to a range of brands like Mazak, Omron, Hyundai-Kia, and Daewoo.

Distinctive Features and Advantages:

  • Durable Material: Crafted from premium stainless steel, the SL04 stands resilient in the rigorous environment of CNC machining.
  • Advanced Touch-Off Technology: Incorporating carbide for touch-off, it surpasses traditional materials in durability and reliability.
  • Precision Focused: The SL04 is engineered for accuracy, making it a critical component in precision-oriented machining tasks.

Technical Specifications of SL04:

  • Construction: High-quality Stainless Steel
  • Accuracy: Designed to maintain tight tolerances and high repeatability.
  • Suitability: Optimized for machines with a round mounting flange.

LS05 CNC Machine Tool Presetter/Setter: Robust and Versatile

The LS05 series is Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master’s answer to versatile and robust tool setting needs. 

It’s an excellent fit for Mazak and Omron machines, as well as other equipment requiring a square mounting flange, perfectly substituting models like the Omron D5F-2B34C-Y.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Sturdy Build: The LS05’s stainless steel construction ensures it withstands demanding industrial conditions.
  • Carbide Touch-Off for Enhanced Performance: The use of carbide in touch-off points marks a significant upgrade in terms of durability and consistent performance.
  • Adaptable Design: With options for different contact-surface diameters and detachable contacts, the LS05 can be customized to meet varied machining demands.

LS05 Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Sturdy Stainless Steel
  • Repeatability: Offering a precision level of 1μm for accurate and consistent measurements.
  • Environmental Resistance: Rated IP67, demonstrating its capability to resist coolant and other environmental factors common in machining centers.

Superiority of Touch Master CNC Tool Eye: Outshining the Competition

Affordable Precision for Every Workshop

Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master sets a new standard in cost-effective precision with the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye.

Our approach brings the high-end precision of CNC tool setting into a more affordable realm, making it accessible for a diverse range of machining operations, from small-scale workshops to expansive manufacturing plants. 

While aligning with the quality standards seen in devices like Omron’s, our pricing strategy ensures no compromise on the performance and quality, democratizing high-precision tool setting.

Customization for Unique Machining Demands

Recognizing the diverse needs of CNC machining operations, Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master offers an array of customization options for the Touch Master CNC Tool Eye. 

This focus on client-specific needs underlines our dedication to providing solutions that are not just effective but perfectly aligned with each unique machining scenario. 

Whether it’s adapting to Omron-compatible systems or other specific requirements, our customized approach ensures that every customer receives a tool eye that fits their exact needs.

Step Into Advanced CNC Machining with Touch Master

Tool Eye, Inc – Touch Master transcends the traditional role of a supplier; we see ourselves as integral partners in your journey towards CNC machining excellence. 

Our dedication lies in offering solutions that are not just compatible with Omron systems but also push the boundaries of what’s possible in manufacturing technology.

Contact us to explore how our state-of-the-art solutions can revolutionize your machining processes. 

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