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Hot Melt Systems

Hot Melt Systems

Hotmelts work by cooling and contain neither water nor solvents. Hotmelts are solid materials at room temperature and liquids (more or less viscous) at the application temperature.

They allow substrates to be bonded in a few seconds. They serve as a barrier effect offering high resistance to grease, shine, wear and even have anti-slip properties.

They are not recommended with metals, as the hotmelt solidifies before wetting the metal due to the high thermal conductivity of these substrates. In NatCon Adhesive and Coatings Specialist, we can help you find the best hot melt systems.

Bar type formats are available on different bases:

  • Hot melt base eva: these are the most common and are normally used in standard packaging type applications.
  • Hot melt polyphetin base: may require additives. Suitable for non-polar joints (PP, PE).
  • Hot melt polyamide: bonds with higher thermal requirements as they have higher melting temperatures.

We have specific applicators for hot melt adhesives and different presentations in hotmelt bars.

Hot-melt adhesives are called Hot-Melt (hot and molten), a thermoplastic material 100% solid at room temperature and which, when molten, becomes a sticky fluid to be applied on the objects to be joined. When cooled, it does not undergo changes in its chemical structure, so it produces high cohesion, strength and elasticity bonds.


Joins surfaces of materials such as: metals, plastics, wood, ceramics, glass, cardboard, packaging, binding, etc.

Instructions for use

For its correct application, the surfaces to be joined must be clean of impurities such as dust, grease, oil or even water. This is to achieve a perfect union of the pieces you are looking to fix.

Gluing time

The gluing time is equivalent to the cooling time, which happens in a few seconds or minutes. It all depends on the surface where it has been applied.

Handling / use

It is applied by means of specific guns for this purpose, at temperatures ranging between 160 / 210 ºC. This in order to melt the material and for a fairly easy sweeping application.

Precautions for use

Do not touch the liquid Hot-Melt, to avoid burns, due to its high temperature. We recommend keeping away from children and if you do not have experience using hot melt glue, we suggest you find a person to work with it.

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NATCON is a distributor of hot melt supply, coatings, sealants, hot melt delivery systems, spray foam insulation, sealant pumps and more. As a solutions-based company for more than 45 years, we have brought our product and service solutions to manufacturers throughout the Midwest.

To every industry we serve, our teams take the time to listen and learn from our customers’ challenges, then overcome them with lasting results.

Do you need hot melt materials for your construction, do you own a tool store? NATCON is happy to be your trusted distributor. We guarantee an excellent hot melt and warm melt supply system.

You can consult our sales catalog on our website or call our customer service line and make an inquiry 574-289-7885. We are located in South Bend, IN.

Hot Melt Systems

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